Drug and Alcohol Policy

Learn more about the Glass & Glazing Institute of New Zealand's policy for a safe and healthy learning environment.

Summary points of GGINZ Drug and Alcohol Policy

1. The Glass & Glazing Institute of New Zealand (GGINZ) is safe and healthy learning environment free from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol. This will meet the legal compliance obligations and preserve the reputation of the GGINZ.

2. There are consequences for misuse of drugs and alcohol by apprentices / attendees, employees of BCITO – TE PUKENGA / GGINZ, contractors and visitors.

3. Managers / tutors / apprentices / Attendees may bring to the attention of the tutors any drug or alcohol issues with confidential open and honest communication.

4. Attendees must notify the tutors of any prescribed medication that may cause potential adverse effects so steps may be taken to provide a safe work environment.

5. After an injury or damage to property it may also be sufficient cause for a drug / alcohol test.

6. If a tutor has reasonable cause to suspect that an attendee’s performance, actions, appearance or behaviour indicates they may be affected by drugs or alcohol, a breathalyser test will be administered.

7. Testing – you would be

– fully informed about the testing procedure;
– required to sign a consent form.

8. Consequences of a positive result:

In the first instance it means your employer and Training Advisor would be informed. You would not be permitted to enter the workshop and you will undertake theory work in the classroom for the entire day.

In the second instance you would be stood down from the course, your employer would be informed as would BCITO – TE PUKENGA and BCITO-TE PUKENGA Training Advisor. You would need to return home at your own cost. You would only be able to return to that course after passing a “clear to learn” test. Any information as a result of a positive test may only be disclosed to BCITO – TE PUKENGA and employer.