About us

The Glass & Glazing Institute of New Zealand equips glass and glazing workers with industry skills, high-quality training and assessments.

Glass and Glazing Institute of New Zealand Mission Statement and Purpose

The Glass & Glazing Institute of New Zealand (GGINZ) is New Zealand’s centre of excellence for glass industry training.

With first-class premises, technology, and tutoring that foster learning and knowledge, the GGINZ contributes to the profile of the industry.

Through training programmes it attracts, increases and retains skilled workers for the sector.

What we do

The Glass and Glazing Institute of New Zealand, commonly referred to as the GGINZ, is New Zealand’s centre of excellence for glass industry training.

It specialises in equipping glass and glazing workers with industry skills and knowledge to be competent and successful.

Annually the GGINZ delivers high-quality training and formative assessments to over 250 apprentices following a curriculum developed by industry which is then registered on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website.

Glazing Qualification – Processing Qualification

Balustrade Course – three days

GGINZ delivers a three-day course in balustrade training for the Window & Glass Association of New Zealand (WGANZ). Anyone who is currently working in the industry can upskill by attending this course for professional development.

The modern, state-of-the-art premises at Plimmerton, Porirua, is designed to simulate virtual situations with practical applications using the most modern equipment and theory based teaching with current and best practice learning.

Informative and constructive feedback for apprentices is provided by the GGINZ to employers and Te Pukenga Training Advisors (formerly BCITO).

This feedback is through a formal reporting system. While on course apprentices are formatively assessed against the qualification outcomes in a supported learning environment. Continuation of learning in the workplace setting is expected, with final assessment by the Te Pukenga Training Advisor.

Benefits from learning at GGINZ

Effective method of learning

    • Off-the-job training is structured and conducted by experts and teaching specialists which makes the training program effective. Apprentices return to the workplace with new skills and confidence.
    • Specific programmes are designed by industry and delivered in a structured approach to facilitate learning in an organised progression. Wider industry skills and knowledge are obtained.
    • New Zealand-wide standards are achieved due to all apprentices attending off-job training. Creating a system of learning through off-job training provides a consistent national standard for learning and assessment. No steps in the theory and practical learning will be missed.
    • Networking opportunities with other learners from other companies – future industry leaders.
    • Enhanced learning is achieved through undertaking new learning in an environment where mistakes can be made, analysed and rectified with an expected commercially competent timeframe.